Welcome !!!  Syreeta House is a licensed cosmetologist, natural hair specialist and educator from Chicago Illinois. . Specializing in natural hair she has been perfecting her craft for over 15 years. The name Natural Hair EASY is inspired by her eagerness to help simplify the process of returning and staying natural for her clients.
   She is well versed in the techniques necessary to achieve desired looks.   Her freelance ventures include styling for weddings and photo shoots. This work has landed her creations in various publications, including Brune Magazine of France and Sophisticate's Black Hair Magazine.

  As a stylist, Syreeta has been affiliated with companies such as Organic Root Stimulator,  Universal Beauty and beauty shows including the Proud Lady and America's Beauty Show.  

      Bryaa's Bonnets is an extension of her business that provides satin bonnets, pillowcases and accessories that also help to make it EASY being natural.  The bonnet, made for her daughter initially;  became a popular item amongst family, clients, and friends.  There are now several designs, colors and prints that can be found by following the shop link.

     Syreeta is extremely passionate about not only the styling, but the care and comfort that should always accompany a salon visit. She takes prides in providing her clients with a painless, anxiety-free hair care experience. She especially enjoys helping women (and men) transition back to their natural hair helping to make it easy as it can and should be.